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Trust the Big Guys when it comes to food.

I'm just a big guy who likes to eat good food. I lived in the South when I was in college (so many years ago), and I acquired a taste for barbeque. When I came back to Michigan in the early 90s, I was lost because I couldn't find anyplace that could make a good brisket or good pulled pork. So I did what any big, hungry guy would do. I set out to make my own.

Fat Mike's recipes are the product of years of practice and trial and error. Now, I'm confident that you won't find any better brisket, pulled pork, or ribs on this side of the Mason-Dixon line. I'm guessing that you won't find any better on the other side of the Mason-Dixon line either! My combination of rubs, smoking, and slow cooking produces some of the best stuff you'll ever put in your mouth!

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Fat Mike's is working on making the highest quality smoked sausage that you can buy. As always, we won't sell it until we're sure it beats all the competition hands down! We're getting close, so stay tuned.