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Fat Mike's Menu

Pulled Pork — Enough pork for 24 sandwiches. Comes with 24 buns, 1 quart of Fat Mike's BBQ sauce, and our famous spicy coleslaw that absolutely must be served on the sandwich. $69.

Beef Brisket — A 7 pound brisket with our unbelievable brisket rub, hickory smoked and slow-cooked for over 12 hours. You'll be able to cut this with a fork!. Comes with 1 quart of Fat Mike's BBQ sauce. $69.

Pork Ribs — slow cooked with our own Rib Rub, hickory smoked, and absolutely delicious. $20 for a full rack of ribs. $12 for a half rack.

Fat Mike's Original BBQ sauce — there's nothing like it. $6 per quart.

Fat Mike's Hot Mamma BBQ sauce — Oh, baby, this stuff has a burn. $6 per quart.

Fat Mike's Sugar Daddy BBQ sauce — Sweet and tangy $6 per quart.

Fat Mike's Pork Shoulder Rub, Fat Mike's Brisket Rub, or Fat Mike's Rib Rub — 6 oz. $6.

Fat Mike's Belt Buster Beans — baked beans loaded with steak, smoked sausage, bacon, Fat Mike's BBQ sauce, and lots of love. $14 per quart.

Mike's Mouth-Waterin' Chili — A rich, thick chili that starts with pinto beans, black beans, and kidney beans. Mike adds tomatoes, onion, garlic, a ton of hamburger and another ton of spices to make this some of the best chili you'll ever lay your hands on! $8/quart.

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Fat Mike's is working on making the highest quality smoked sausage that you can buy. As always, we won't sell it until we're sure it beats all the competition hands down! We're getting close, so stay tuned.